So I Got to Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate…

I already had a post scheduled for today, but then something unexpected happened this weekend. The Best Buy in Bellevue, Washington offered a promotion to let us normies play Super Smash Bros Ultimate, so you bet your Bells I took the opportunity!

It was glorious.

I think the demo we played was the E3 build, because I didn’t see Isabelle, the Belmonts, or King K. Rool there. I did get to play both Ridley and the Inkling, though. Also, the lovely shoulder you’re seeing is my wife’s. We weren’t allowed to take direct footage but they said we could take “behind the shoulder” pictures.


Ridley was a bit clunky to control, but I got used to the Inkling pretty quickly. We actually ended up playing with some of the promotion staff near the end of the event, and it was fun to show them how to play. Smash Brothers really is a perfect game. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or someone who’s never held a controller before, everyone can jump in and have fun together.


We ended up with a couple of promotion posters, a bunch of pins I have no use for (seriously, what do I do with eight pins??), and some cool memories. December 7th couldn’t come any sooner!

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